Mykonos Private Jet Charter

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It is hard to deny that Mykonos is one of the most popular destinations of all. From exploring the countryside on motorcycles and horses to exploring narrow streets to discovering quality restaurants and shopping, MyKonos Town offers an endless list of activities for its luxurious taste.

One of the best ways to explore Mykonos is with Yachting.MyKonos Yacht Charter offers charter sailboats and mega yachts. Yachting is all it takes to get there, and many of them offer a range of luxury services such as private chauffeurs and VIP security.

If you are interested in an exciting, active holiday in beautiful surroundings, a private jet charter is a good choice. If you decide to rent a private jet to MyKonos, you need to take steps to make the most of your trip. Corporate jet charter to Myekonos allows you to rent planes, and it is a way to avoid connecting flights and unnecessary stopovers.

Icarus Jet Charter operates a scheduled flight to and from Mykonos every 3 hours. Private jets rented in the city can be called [a] within 24 hours. The city has no airport slots and there is no coordinated airport during summer time, so it is impossible to secure an arrival time if desired.

In case of any ineligibility of slots at Mykonos Airport, Icarus Jet Charter offers curated charter flights to the city from Athens Airport. The airport is located 4 km from the city of Mykonos and offers flights to national, European and urban destinations on the Greek islands, with MyKonos being a popular holiday destination. It is the busiest airport in Greece in terms of total passenger numbers, with over 1.2 million passengers passing through the airport every year.

Mykonos Airport is located on the Greek island of Mykonos a short drive southeast of the island’s capital Myk in the town of Chora. As one of the island’s busiest airports, it has its slot as the island’s most co-ordinated airport. The airport serves the island of Thessaloniki, Greece, and is located 4 miles south of the city. The airport is located in the capital of the island and is just a short drive southeast of the island capital, also known as Thessalos, and the city of Chora, the second largest city in Greece.

Private jet flights from Athens to Mykonos take an average of 0 hours and 30 minutes. The airport of MyKonos is very busy during the summer months and the slots for private jets are limited, so we recommend booking online as soon as possible. Request a jet today for your own data and other destinations with instant quotes.

Mykonos Rent Private Jet is a luxury travel mecca and the most famous holiday destination in the Greek islands with an array of beautiful five-star resorts, amazing beaches and breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea. From MyKonos Airport to the Islands of Aegean or for a weekend vacation the best way to start your trip is to charter a private flight with JMK Air Charter Advisors from MyKonos Airport. Organize on-demand charter flights to Mykonos and the surrounding Greek islands.

With corporate jet charters, you can travel wherever you want, avoiding connecting flights and unnecessary stopovers. Our experts have been in the industry for many years and can ensure that you travel with the right aircraft for your particular flight.

Each aircraft has a fixed operating base to handle your private aircraft. With access to over 7,000 aircraft, flights from small to large can be handled. Flight times vary by model, but the PJP is one of the fastest and most budget-friendly airlines in terms of total distance.

A trip to Mykonos can mean a long boat ride, a frustrating flight or a trip with a stopover. The warm atmosphere of the Greek capital will welcome you and you will want to explore the generous beauty of the city on another level. The landscape of the island is a delight and a sight that will never be satisfied with just one trip to the city, so book a private jet to the island.

If you are on honeymoon and want to spend precious time of your life with loved ones who agree with you then it is worth considering chartering a private jet to Mykonos. The perfect holiday in Greece awaits you, and the extravagance of the island of MyKonos never ends. A trip to the island is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and if you charter a private jet from JMK National Airport, you will be able to fly the wonderful and incredible views of the city.

Mykonos is a destination of bottomless luxury, where couture meets crystal, where traditional beauty blends with contemporary coolness. The island of MyKonos offers shopping, dining and culture that you don’t want to miss, so book your flights today with the members of the Status Jet Team.

If you prefer to spend your time under the glare of the Greek sun, staying in Mykonos is easy. Stroll through Santorini with active volcanoes and whitewashed houses or explore the rugged coast of Ios, medieval castles and pretty churches.

A classy and trendy address, this hotel is one of the most sought after on the island. Amenities include an incredible infinity pool, bespoke services and one of the best restaurants on the islands. A private village in the southern bay of Ornos, about 2 kilometers south of Chora.